Why Choose LifeLong Wealth Management Group?

Understanding it. Committing to it. Living it. We are your partners in wealth management and financial advisory services!

We are a wealth management and financial advisory company located in Portland, Oregon and offer a unique approach to developing a personalized financial plan that fits your unique situation. We want to understand your, “why”, before developing a personalized financial strategy that meets your particular needs. We understand that no one person/family has the same needs.

The moment we define ourselves and values by the size of our bank accounts is when we start to describe ourselves by the shadows that walk behind us. All too often we work all our lives in hopes to one day live our dreams, only to realize that we spent most of our lives not knowing what our dreams are.
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Your Needs

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give”.  Ben Carson

What we give does not only mean an altruistic behavior for others. It can also come in the form of what we give ourselves by committing to disciplines that help us grow and meet our life goals. There is no magic formula for personal financial success. It entails financial discipline in diversification, process, and hard work. But above all, there needs to be a goal in mind. Below are some of the major aspects that fit into the puzzle of your personal finances. Let us help you create that financial plan that meets your goals.

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